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At Flora Grace, we believe that natural, plant-based solutions are the best way to support health and wellness. That’s why we’ve developed our line of CBD lotions, designed to provide targeted relief and support for a variety of needs.

Our lotions are formulated with high-quality CBD extract, derived from organically grown hemp plants. We carefully select our ingredients to ensure that each lotion is gentle on the skin, yet effective in providing the relief you need.

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Created at Willow Wind Organic Farms, this blend of 10 natural oils offers deep pain relief, skin protection, and a touch of UV defense. It includes their unique Amazing Grace Strain* of CBD for potent organic CBD oil. The formula delivers fast results with a calming fragrance, perfect for topical use. Just remember to do a patch test on soft, dry skin and avoid the eye area with menthol products. Pain relief and skin nourishment in one!

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Flora Grace is hands down the greatest lotion to help with pain relief i had scoliosis and had metal rods put in from the base of my neck to L3. as a result i suffer from chronic back pain I tried every prescribed & over the counter medication Flora Grace relives my pain instantly I cannot thank Buddy Boy enough for making this lotion highly recommend and you will not regret it.

- Alex G

I’ve been using Flora Grace for over a year and I swear by it for my fibromyalgia. I’ve been dealing with fibromyalgia for 14+ years using every known big pharma drug there is with no success. I’ve also used other cbd products such as tiger balm and relax just to name a few, as well as, otc asper cream, bengay etc with no positive results. We use the Flora Grace for nerve pain, muscle contractions, migraines, and restless legs. I would scream my support of this product from the roof tops if I could.

- Steph

Flora Grace is an amazing product. I have tried several lotions creams + roll-ons. None have worked as well as this has. I’ve had 5 surgeries on the knee area. Broken femur, rod, screws, knee replacement, and other problems. Always sore aching and swollen, I get great relief from this product and the bonus is it smells fantastic.

- Robin M.

I am currently 75 years old. I sawed logs most of the 1970s and sustained several injuries during that time. I also worked in a hard rock silver mine and hurt my book again there. Add to that two motorcycle wrecks requiring hospital time due to a broken pelvis, fractured skull, and shattered ankle. Altogether, I’ve had ten concussions so for the past 45 years I have been self-medicated with cannabis and alcohol mostly. I have tried all sorts of OTC pain medication and some prescription stuff, including salves, lotions, pills, patches, etc.
For the last couple of years I have been taking Ibuprofen two in the morning so I can work and two in the evening to help sleep along with the cannabis and alcohol with some success. I tried the Flora Grace Cream about a month ago and have not taken any Ibuprofen since! It has worked better for me for pain relief than any topical product I have ever used. It is not sticky or smelly and I will continue to use it.

- Ted B.

Flora Grace Disclaimer

Any products you purchased through our website should be used as directed on the product instructions and packaging. As everyone has different skin, body and health conditions which may react to an allergen at any given time, any product could cause a negative skin reaction or react differently to various treatments, even natural products. Actual results may vary.

Flora Grace is not responsible if such reaction should occur as a result of any consumer using our products. If you develop a skin or other sensitivity to any product, you should stop using it immediately and consult your physician. Remember, you should never use new products on broken or irritated skin and discontinue using any products that causes any of the following: redness, scaling, itching, burning, soreness, blisters, watery eyes, irritation or other similar reactions.

If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any listed ingredients you should not consume or use these products. You should test the products on a small area before using any new product for the first time. Should you develop any symptoms or allergic reactions discontinue use immediately.

We are not responsible if such a reaction should occur as a result of any consumer using our products.